Black MIDI is Millions of Notes of Delicious Overkill

If the point is to make as many notes fit into a piano roll as possible, then these self-proclaimed “blackers” — these practitioners of a niche branch of musical composition called Black MIDI — win the interwebs.


By using arcane tools of audio sorcery, they’ve turned their audio sequencer’s piano roll into a visual display blackened by dense forests of notes layered one upon the other. This is why it’s called Black MIDI — audio that’s impossible to actually play live, but which is an auditory smorgasbord to feast on —assuming you like overkill and overloading the soundcard of your pithy computer. There’s more at their WIKI.  There are even  playlists on Youtube. And there’s an entire subculture obsessed with cramming in as many notes as possible into a single composition.

Just to prove the point, here’s the definitive Black MIDI version of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball.” Because 1.1 million notes can’t possibly do the song any more harm than a music video with gratuitous nudity.

Black MIDI sample

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