Zombiepocalypse? I’d Rather Have Cakeageddon

It’s unbelievable what bakers can do with cakes nowadays. Consider this: a London-based creative director named Emma Thomas — better known as Miss Cakehead — is creating an edible horror farm this year in time for Halloween.

It’s all cakes and general food items designed to look like gruesome (glorious) props from a horror film of the B variety.

The horror art installation entitled Cakeageddon runs from October 29th till November 1st at a farm in England. And what she has in mind would probably scare away even the most hardened sugar addict.

There will be a lot of amputated limbs, bloody carcasses, and even mutant sheep — all shaped out of spongy, delectable ingredients. It’s bloody brilliant. And probably tastier than a boring old blueberry cheesecake.

Miss Cakehead


Image credits: (Slaughtered) Three Little Pig Cake by The Tattooed Bakers, Wolf Jim Thomlinson of London Mess @ldnmesschef – Photography © Nathan Pask 2014. From Cakeageddon.com. And Miss Cakehead portrait from http://misscakehead.wordpress.com/. And yes, that is a bloody, two-headed lamb made of cake.


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