The Babe Calendar that Got the Utah National Guard in Trouble

Look, if our National Guard can’t play host to a bevy of buxom babes for a risque swimsuit calendar called Hot Shots 2015, then what the hell are we paying taxes for?

Ditch the Uniforms, Dudes

Apparently, whoever the manager was who decided this was a good idea and a possible bit of good PR, is now in hot water, since (A) the National Guard gave no permission for any such pictorial and (B) Utah is supposedly a very conservative state. I say “supposedly” because hell, even those darling entertainers from the heart of Mormon land, the Osmonds, played heavy metal back in 1972, and made fans out of Led Zepellin.

But I digress.

The issue seems to be that (C) two servicemen were apparently wearing their uniforms for this photo shoot. Good going there, buds.

Brouhaha Over Babes?

Well to be fair, the babes were not to blame. After all, who in their right mind would dare bar the bodacious British glamour model Rosie Jones from ever baring her body and firing some guns? Oh wait. Were there were more babes in the crew? Ah yes, and here’s a complete list of the models. Sorry, I actually failed to notice. I blame the gunshots. And my lack of gender sensitivity.

Here’s a video of the behind-the-scenes from the said pictorial in question.

Looked like a fun romp through the desert, and honestly, any red-blooded male would jump at the chance to show these ladies around. Though perhaps, it may be good idea in the future to actually take a cue from the models and take off your official uniforms, eh?

Here’s one final video for the road. Just because… Rosie Jones does it better than the Old Spice dude ever did.


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