Memory Hole: Creepy Home Videos from ‘Murica

Every now and then, you come across something on the internet that makes you go: “What the hell were they smoking?” Which could mean that piece is either so bad it’s good, or so ‘out there’ it’s in outer space, or simply so inconceivable as to be brilliant. Memory Hole is all of the above.

Memory Hole is both a website and a Youtube channel devoted to what I pretentiously call the “darkening of the mundane.”

These are rejected America’s Funniest Videos (AFV) segments re-edited to be more immediate, and re-scored with ominous or bugged out music so that while the visuals may look like boring middle class Americana, the total package of visuals-plus-sound design crawls underneath your skin and creeps you out.

But a video is worth a few thousand well-researched words. So go play the ones below and you’ll understand:

“Babysitter Wanted”

“Wormhole Grandpa”

From AFV to WTF

Note how both of these videos are innocent little home videos. Both capture a single poignant moment in a middle class home. Cute, perhaps. Funny, maybe at one point. Awful, most definitely.

But what the people behind Memory Hole do is frame the found footage as a way to poke at our throwaway culture and create something more sinister, more loaded.

As one of the Youtube commenters said so aptly: WHAT KIND OF TWISTED PLACE TO THESE VIDEOS COME FROM!?!??

The answer is: from the bottom of our demented human hearts. From the memory hole.




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