The Naughty Renaissance GIFs of Scorpion Dagger

The prehistoric age gave us cave paintings. The Renaissance gave us oil paintings, tempera, and more. The 20th century gave us performance art, multimedia. But it’s the internet that gave us the animated GIF. And artists like Scorpion Dagger have elevated it to a beautifully ludicrous pinnacle by using Renaissance paintings as source material for his art.

The artist’s real name is James Kerr, and since 2012 he’s been producing huge chunks of these animated GIFs and publishing them on his Tumblr blog .


He started out doing short short videos. But a friend noted that it was crazy doing 10-second videos. And since this was the age before Vine, his friend suggested animated GIFs as a more cost-conscious alternative.

He’s even working on an augmented reality book where when you look at the artful pages using your mobile device, the pictures animate and come to life. Brilliant idea.

Whether you pronounce it “jif” (which the creator says is how it should be pronounced) or “gif” (which whole crowds on the web say it’s how it should be said) — one thing is certain: there aint nothin’ else in the world quite like Scorpion Dagger’s naughty Renaissance GIFs.

If you know of other animated GIF artists like him, please hit the comments and give me links! Me likey!


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