Your Body: the Most Horrifying Place on Earth (NSFL)

So it’s after Halloween and you’re probably hung over, full of candy, and going into diabetic shock. Which means your body is starting to act up on you in horrifying ways. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here are other examples of the terrifying human body. Warning: the following is Not Safe for LIFE.

It’s All in Your Head

According to the BBC, a health agency in Russia warned people not to take selfies because putting your heads together for a photograph leads to the spread of head lice. There’s a video of lice crawling in a woman’s head here.

But personally, this is the tasty little video which takes the cake:

What’s Zit to You?

In case you were wondering, this is probably the WORST POSSIBLE way to pop a huge, ugly pimple. Squeezing only serves to harm the living tissue surrounding the dead pus of the zit. Although, it IS very dramatic and makes for a compelling video. You just can’t look away!

Break a Leg

Never learned how to skateboard. Which makes me a wuss, I know. But dafuq! At least I didn’t break any legs while doing complicated stunts on a board with wheels, like these poor dolts.

There are reasons why you need friends. One of those reasons is: you need someone with a pair of pliers to extract that 4-inch wooden splinter from your leg that you got skateboarding. Because dammit, your mom can’t stand the sight of blood.

Bloody Brilliant

And as a parting shot, Rizza Cabrera tweeted this wonderful example of a Halloween costume. I wonder how she can see through all the fake blood? However she does it, Happy Post Halloween, OVERTBRAINERS!

Before I Forget

If you missed it, I recently posted about a teenager with a 9-pound hairball stuck in her digestive tract.

IMAGE CREDITS: Squeezing only makes them angrier by Clay Junell on Flickr.


3 thoughts on “Your Body: the Most Horrifying Place on Earth (NSFL)

    1. I offer you virtual Head and Shoulders for your virtual itch. But I do greatly appreciate your passing on the google juice. That’s all I ever wanted for my little blog: that it spread like head lice at a selfie convention.

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