How Bouncing Boobs and a Japanese Doll Sent Me on a Wild Goose Chase

It all started quite “innocently.” Found a link to what was supposedly a weird Japanese “bikini game show” where six buxom Japanese babes in bikinis (Gravure idols, all of them) find a cute little Daruma doll and end up playing a game of red light/green light. They sashay and bounce around, showing off their fine assets, until, the game becomes strangely sinister. Watch the video because otherwise you’ll never believe what happens next.

(How’d you like that totally Buzzfeedy introduction above? LOL. If it got you to click “read more,” I’m elated.)

The Bouncy Ones Video

First time I saw it, I went WTF! Is this a joke? A trailer? A real gameshow? I can’t understand Nihongo, help! But a little more poking around on the interwebs reveals all.

The video comes from a site called which has the tagline “Beware of the Bouncy Ones.” it looks like a parody site, since there is precious little information (none of it in English) just a listing of the six bikini-clad Gravure idols (都丸紗也華 / Sayaka Tomaru, 逢月ひな / Hina Aizuki, 寺田御子 / Miko Terada, 矢野清香 / Sayaka Yano, 中原未來 / Miku Nakahara, and 由井香織 / Kaori Yui) plus links to promote the video via Twitter and Facebook.

Ah, but I find another website hosting the video and the commenters over there fill in the missing info for all of us clueless gaijin and Japanewbies.

The Source is This Manga

The bouncy babes video is a pseudo-trailer for the live action film based on a Japanese manga called Kamisama No Iutoori — which translates to “As the God of Death Dictates” (read the synopsis of the manga at MyAnimeList).

And here’s a link to scans of the actual manga.

What it is: a love triangle between a shy girl, a dense boy, and a god of death in the form of a boy named Shiro. With lots of exploding heads, and evil dolls of course. You can’t NOT have evil dolls.

The Craziness Hits the Big Screen

But the story doesn’t end there. The manga was adapted into a live action film which was directed by none other than cult director and agent provocateur of the action/gore/weird flavor: Takashi Miike. Which can only mean, the horror-surivival-romance themes present in the manga will be tenderly nurtured before literally exploding into insane action and gore sequences.

The official trailer proves me right. And here it is in all its glory:

The live action movie is set to be released on November 15, 2014. Can’t wait for it to reach these American shores, or international torrent sites — whichever comes first.

And that’s the story of how I followed bouncing boobs till I fell down the rabbit hole and ended up knee-deep in Japanese #popculture.

Chuuu chuu! Chuu chuu!


Would you watch this? Tell me in the comments!


11 thoughts on “How Bouncing Boobs and a Japanese Doll Sent Me on a Wild Goose Chase

  1. Holy shit, this is amazing. Thank you for being humorous enough that I dared to open a post featuring an image of boobs at work :b I’ll be reading more of your blog at home!


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