Japan’s Mad Scientists Create Transparent Mice, Frogs, Fish

More proof that the land that gave birth to Godzilla wants to… um, give birth to Godzilla. Sounding more like a plot straight out of a mad Nazi scientist comedy sketch by Mel Brooks, white lab-coated brainiacs in Japan (aka Scientists) have decided it’s easier to watch cancer grow and spread through a lab rat if its skin is transparent. So they set out to engineer the perfect see-through mouse!

Unfortunately, the process kills the mouse as it involves injecting them with a saline solution that pushes the blood out of its circulatory system. Then the dead mouse is skinned and soaked in a special potion for two weeks to make it look like a gummy candy. Yum. (Thanks to Misanthrobotic for the tip!)

invisible mouse

But it doesn’t stop there. In an effort to perfect an invisibility serum (my educated guess as to the end goal), more research has been done to turn frogs and even fish into transparent versions of their opaque selves.

In Hiroshima University, they’ve successfully bred a type of Japanese Brown Frog so that its skin is transparent. Now they can observe changes in organs without killing and dissecting them.

Transparent Frog

But wait! There’s more. Researchers from Mie University and Nagoya University have bred the transparent “ryukin” goldfish by picking mutant hatchery goldfish with pale skin and breeding them together. Once again, the point is to be able to observe live hearts and organs without killing specimens.

Transparent Fish

Bravo, science. Bravo, Japan.

Don’t be surprised when they announce the first transparent human sometime in 2016.

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IMAGE CREDITS: 50s Movie poster mad scientist style. Photo by Glen Edelson. License: CC BY 2.0


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