The Horror of Every ’90s TV Ad Mashed Into One

Thanks to Digg’s daily email , I found this link to a supposed parody / mashup of every 1990s TV ad aimed at children and families. True enough, it’s got the mundane product, cheesy dialogue, the neon-colored wardrobes, the crappy lighting, the over-emphasized sound effects, the corny music, even the cliched mother giving that all-knowing smirk which is ’90s code for “Aww, those darn kids.”

But it also very quickly turns into … something else. You’ll have to watch it to see.

There are even two versions of the video. The above is the uncensored version, and there’s a PG-13 version too, not that it makes any difference. They’re both twisted versions of reality. And they are genius. Pure absolute twisted genius.

There are days when the Internet pulls through and rescues you from crying hot tears of boredom. And today is one of them. Thank you, Internet for giving us the first #dailyWTF moment of 2015.


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