Flying Lotus Loves Twisted Animated Music Videos

Musician Flying Lotus has made a career for himself crafting multi-genre music that others may deem so far off the beaten path it’s practically wilderness. It makes sense then that his music videos tread that same razor’s edge between visually entertaining and flat-out, batshit crazy.

I present you with two examples of his music video craziness.

This first is animated by British cartoonist and animator David Firth, who rose to fame with Salad Fingers, a viral animation series on Youtube that I should probably dedicate an entire future post on Overtbrain to. Just because it’s that cray. Just because it’s so very Overtbrain. But hold up, I digress.

Here is Flying Lotus in “Ready Err Not” which comes from his You’re Dead album. In it, he is beheaded, morphed into a spider beast, then sliced up and turned into a portal for creepy nude politicians to enter this universe from hell. Animation by David Firth, of course. No one else could’ve done this concept justice.

And here is a second music video for the track “Zodiac Shit.” It’s all sorta psychedelic and steeped in Chinese Astrology as well. Gorgeous day-glo colors. Crazy morphing effects. Kinda like huffing farts. (Which I don’t condone, by the way) but much much cooler.

All that’s missing is for Flying Lotus to delve into moviemaking himself. It’d probably be a sight to behold.

And that’s it for the #dailyWTF. Back to you, Kermit.


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