Better Thought Control via Magnetism? And Other Bizarre Bits

Something new for Overtbrain now that we’re past the one year mark. I call it Bizarre Bits— a compendium of the freaky and the funky every Friday. It’ll force me to update weekly. And it’ll relieve the pressure of having to write these up as longer blog posts (which no one has the time to read anyway!). Welcome to Overbrain’s first ever Bizarre Bits!

Alter Ideologies with the Power of Magnetism?

magnetism can alter ideology

If you really wanted to control the thoughts of millions of people, forget propaganda via mass media. Try magnetism instead. Just yesterday, an article popped up on my feeds about some scientists in the UK having found a new technique called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), which bombards magnetic waves in the parts of the brain that affect mood control. The effect? Altered ideologies and perceptions of crisis.

Researchers found the technique radically altered religious perceptions and prejudice: Belief in God was reduced almost by a third, while participants became 28.5% less bothered by immigration numbers.

They may not have set out to create a deadly supervillain weapon on a James Bond and Watchmen scale, but now that they have, I can imagine this being used for nefarious purposes especially around election time.

A Sanctuary from Electromagnetic Rays

Sign in Green Bank, WV
And if you want to be free from being bombarded by any type of cellular radiation or electromagnetic/radio frequency, there still is a place in America that is free from wifi, cellphones, and radio. It’s in Green Bank, West Virginia. And there are no signals because it’s in a “Quiet Zone” — since there’s a huge radio telescope nearby scanning space for extraterrestrial civilizations.

Just like in Stephen King’s The Stand, the place is attracting its fair share of kooks. To be fair, there are also a lot of people who legitimately suffer from a condition known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) who come to this place for relief from the cellular radiation that the rest of us are subjected to. But let’s face it, this should be on the X-files Road Trip of America.

A Stool for Your Stool

A real product, the Squatty Potty, supposedly helps you poop better by raising your legs at the toilet bowl and making you sit more in a squatting position. Not sure if the science here is on point, but… the video is viral gold. (Produced by the same marketing team who brought you PooPourri.)

Make a Candleholder That Looks Like Your Hand!

Of course, with Halloween round the corner, this DIY project is a perfect way to fill up your free time when you’re not working or Netflix-and-Chilling. The idea is to make a plaster cast of your hand. Gorgeous, right?
Hand Candlestick holder

Bizarre Bite-sized Bits

That’s it for this week. Stay tuned for next week’s episode. Tell me if you like this new format. Meanwhile, you can peruse these and more links over in my Flipboard magazine, Overtbrain.

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