The Real Horror is Other People (Bizarre Bits)

It’s Halloween weekend. Forget horror movies though. If you really want to be scared, then all you have to do is look away from your mirror and your Instagram selfies and look at the people around you. Because as the great philosopher Sartre said, hell is other people.

Do you really need proof of this or do you know it to be true already? Regardless of your answer, this is Overtbrain after all, so no use keeping my thoughts to myself. Welcome to Overbrain’s gruesome edition of Bizarre Bits.

Horror is Getting Targeted by Faceless Hackers

Ask Paul and Amy Strater, whose lives were destroyed by a group of hackers. Apparently a hacker group got pissed off by their son (also a hacker), started sending pizzas to their home, SWAT teams, fraudulent 911 calls, and more. Poor parents. Their marriage fell apart, they lost their jobs, they were ostracized by the community. They were living in constant dread.

Hacker looms above a house

But that’s nothing compared to the terror experienced by these kids…

Horror is Losing a Limb to a Witch Doctor

So in Tanzania, Africa, voodoo is alive and well. And apparently, albino body parts possess powerful juju. But where do witch doctors get albino body parts? By tearing off limbs from helpless albino children of course. The process, as you can imagine, kills kids. And those that survive must learn to function without arms or legs. If that thought doesn’t curdle your milk, you ought to check whether you have a heart or you’re simply a Matrix program. Good thing there are people with robotics knowhow who bring some of these amputees to the West to give them cyborg limbs. Not an eradication of heartless witch doctors, but a way to give the kids a chance to live and function properly.

Albino victims of witch doctors

Horror is Pervs Sending You Lewd Emails

Violinist Mia Matsumiya has collected a ton of pervy emails, and social media messages over the years. And she’s turned it into an art installation on her Instagram account, appropriately titled “perv_magnet.” I totally understand where those pervs are coming from — because let’s face it, she is cute as hell. But seriously, dudes, just shut the fuck up. The girl deserves some respect… and we don’t need to know you’re fapping right this minute.

I’m pretty sure that perv is a Filipino. One clue is the use of “outcha.” And the other? Aint no other country where that last name originated but the Philippines. Damn it, Panganiban, stop bringing shame to your family.

Horror is Getting Caught Up in a Nigerian Romance Scam

And then there’s this woman who got romanced by a Nigerian scammer (posing as a single Irish father) and fleeced out of an entire fortune, all the while feeling she had found a soulmate and was gaining a son … even if she was losing every material thing she had in the process. Naive yes. But pitiful too.

Horror is the Baby Killers

And of course, there’s the long list of negligent adults who’ve left their babies in hot cars — chief among them with this hospital CEO who was too busy to remember that the kid was in the frickin’ car. Or the African maid who put a baby in a drawer because it was too noisy then forgot the baby in the damn drawer, which ended up killing the baby. Or the 24-year-old father who killed his baby because it made too much noise and disrupted him from playing fucking video games.

Horror is a Heavy Metal Remix of Ke$ha Singing “Die Young”

But of course, we must end with true horror. Here you go. No annotation needed.

That’s it, rant over.

Peace out.

Happy Halloween, you sick world.

TOP IMAGE CREDIT: Photo by Damien du Toit. Some rights reserved.


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