adjective: overt
  1. done or shown openly; plainly or readily apparent, not secret or hidden.  “an overt act of aggression”
    synonyms: undisguised, unconcealed, plain (to see), clear, apparent, conspicuous,obvious, noticeable, manifest, patent, open, blatant

    “an overt attempt to sidestep the truth”


The OVERT Manifesto

I trawl the Web for dark, bizarre entertainments that tickle my macabre fancy. This blog won’t appeal to everyone. But if you like it, I promise you untold wonders. Welcome to my brain laid open.

The OVERT Welcome

We live in a cancerous society, thriving on ephemeral entertainment and cystic culture that grows on us suddenly. Like mildew. Or memes. Where do you go to track the movements of this culture? Where do you go to enjoy the sometimes dark, but never boring, fringe enchantments that bubble up to the surface of our cystic society?

Why, here of course.
Welcome one and all to Overtbrain.

Where there are no secrets. Where things are shown blatantly for what they are. Where there are only neurons firing. Here, I sift through the crap and curate the gems, the sticky, the macabre, the linky, the entertaining — in short, the dark stuff which fascinates me.

Everything here is candy: audio candy, eye candy, brain candy, and maybe even sour gumballs.

Best Posts

Still from Florida Man Florida Man: Filming Gritty People on Mean Streets - Over the course of a 10-day road trip, Dunne and his cinematographer went around asking real people questions and filming the results. He draws us into the grimy laundromats, the dilapidated apartment rooms, and the haunted parking lots for intimate conversations with lunatic strangers.
Welcome to the Memory Hole Memory Hole: Creepy Home Videos from ‘Murica - Every now and then, you come across something on the internet that makes you go: “What the hell were they smoking?” Which could mean that piece is either so bad it’s good, or so ‘out there’ it’s in outer space, or simply so inconceivable as to be brilliant. Memory Hole is all of the above.
Hotshots 2015 calendar The Babe Calendar that Got the Utah National Guard in Trouble - Look, if our National Guard can’t play host to a bevy of buxom babes for a risque swimsuit calendar called Hot Shots 2015, then what the hell are we paying taxes for?
The Internet of Things is the New Feudalism - I recently discovered Bruce Sterling’s 30-page essay called The Epic Struggle of the Internet of Things, (download on which outlines how the current paradigm of Big Data mining is turning all of us so-called “customers” into feudal slaves.
CCTV cameras Privacy is Over, Surveillance is the New Reality - If you didn’t know it already, you are being surveilled. By the government, by your social networks, by your cellphone carrier, by your bank, by every cookie-enabled website you visit, by CCTV camera. Forget privacy. It doesn’t exist.

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