Lindner coffin calendar 2014 On Topless Coffin Models & Horror Porn (NSFW Bizarre Bits) - With the new year just a month or so away, it may be high time to start shopping for a new calendar, or a new coffin, or some horror porn, or perhaps simply a new career as a grindcore vocalist? Whatever floats your boat. My collection of weird bizarre bits for the week are here.
Dead Pixels by Damien du Toit The Real Horror is Other People (Bizarre Bits) - It's Halloween weekend. Forget horror movies though. If you really want to be scared, then all you have to do is look away from your mirror and your Instagram selfies and look at the people around you. Because as the great philosopher Sartre said, hell is other people.
maggots in the ear The Real Horror is Your Body [NSFL] - You want real horror? Are you sure you want to watch stuff that will keep you awake and shivering from grossness? Well you won't see it on the 10-movie marathon on Netflix. And it ain't wearing a costume on Hallow's eve. It's in your body.
The Thing About Masks (Bizarre Bits) - With Halloween a little over a week away, I figured why not take a disjointed, seemingly unconnected look at why we wear masks and what is it about covering our faces and donning strange apparel that turns us all into freaks?
rosie-jones-keule-closeup of boobs Glamour Model Rosie Jones in a Comedy Duo’s Music Videos? (Maybe kinda NSFW?) - When topless model Rosie Jones appears in a German comedy duo's music videos, I go "what a waste." But then I watch anyway.
Tin Foil Hat family Better Thought Control via Magnetism? And Other Bizarre Bits - Magnetic waves can affect your belief in God? A place in America with no cellular waves at all? A video of a unicorn pooping ice cream? All these and more in our first Bizarre Bits!
Dead Green Lantern A Corpse Dressed Like Green Lantern? Only in Puerto Rico. - He liked dressing in a Green Lantern costume while he was alive. So when 50-year old Renato Garcia of Puerto Rico died, his sister decided it would only be fitting to dress him up in costume and then prop the corpse up on the wall for all visitors to see.
Still from Florida Man Florida Man: Filming Gritty People on Mean Streets - Over the course of a 10-day road trip, Dunne and his cinematographer went around asking real people questions and filming the results. He draws us into the grimy laundromats, the dilapidated apartment rooms, and the haunted parking lots for intimate conversations with lunatic strangers.
Thy Veils’ Dreamy Electro World Live Concert - Originally posted on AudioStylites:
Artist: Thy Veils Album: Live in Elisabetin Recorded live on September 28, 2014 at the Elisabetin Roman-Catholic Church in Piata Balcescu, Timisoara, Romania, this is an hour-long performance of lush and relaxing ambient / electronic / world music. It reminds me very pleasantly of Dead Can Dance what with their heavily…
Claridryl - The informercial that never ends The Infomercial That’s Basically a David Lynch Nightmare - What this is — supposedly— is a video called "Unedited Footage of a Bear,” which starts out as an innocent nature documentary but is quickly interrupted by an informercial for an allergy medicine called Claridryl. And the infomercial never ends… It shows the darker side effects of the drug and just wallops you on the head with the gruesome possibilities, the inner voices that never stop.
screen cap from Flying Lotus music video Ready Err Not Flying Lotus Loves Twisted Animated Music Videos - Musician Flying Lotus has made a career for himself crafting music that others may deem so far off the beaten path it's practically wilderness. It makes sense then that his music videos tread that same razor's edge between visually entertaining and flat-out, batshit crazy. I present you with two examples of his music video craziness.
Liquid Slam commercial The Horror of Every ’90s TV Ad Mashed Into One - I found this link to a supposed parody / mashup of every 1990s TV ad aimed at children and families. True enough, it's got the cheesy dialogue, the neon-colored wardrobes, the crappy lighting, the over-emphasized sound effects, even the cliched mother giving that all-knowing smirk that's '90s code for "Aww, those darn kids." But it also very quickly turns into ... something else. You'll have to watch it to see.
100-years-of-sadness--post-love-EP Nihilistic Chill Out Music by #100YearsOfSadness - What this Philippines-based band does is lend musicality to a decidedly nihilistic view of relationships. What with sultry female vocals, Japanese spoken word phrases, toned-down pseudo trap beats, and the cold clammy virtual instrumentation, this is a sarcastic response to every cheesy February 14 aphorism you've ever heard.
50s Movie poster mad scientist style by Glenn Edelson Japan’s Mad Scientists Create Transparent Mice, Frogs, Fish - Japan's scientists are racing to create the invisibility serum! Actually no. They've just been in an insane rush to turn animals transparent for scientific... and voyeuristic purposes.
Japanese bikini babes How Bouncing Boobs and a Japanese Doll Sent Me on a Wild Goose Chase - It all started quite "innocently." Found a link to what was supposedly a weird Japanese "bikini game show" where six buxom Japanese babes in bikinis (Gravure idols, all of them) find a cute little Daruma doll and end up playing a game of red light/green light. They sashay and bounce around, showing off their fine assets, until, the game becomes strangely sinister. Watch the video because otherwise you'll never believe what happens next.
Deer tongue for you Vaginas as Storage for Deer Tongues, Keys, and Handguns? (NSFW) - Dear female readers of this blog: (yes, all two of you) I don't understand your gender and never hope to untangle the beautiful mystery that is WOMAN. However, just as those catcalling male New Yorkers bring shame to my gender, there are some woeful examples of womanhood who use their vaginas for storage units.
squeezing-only-makes-them-angrier-by-clay-junnel Your Body: the Most Horrifying Place on Earth (NSFL) - So it’s after Halloween and you’re probably hung over, full of candy, and going into diabetic shock. Which means your body is starting to act up on you in horrifying ways. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here are other examples of the terrifying human body. Warning: the following is Not Safe for LIFE.
Animated GIF by scorpiondagger The Naughty Renaissance GIFs of Scorpion Dagger - The prehistoric age gave us cave paintings. The Renaissance gave us oil paintings, tempera, and more. The 20th century gave us performance art, multimedia. But it’s the internet that gave us the animated GIF. And artists like Scorpion Dagger have elevated it to a beautifully ludicrous pinnacle by using Renaissance paintings as source material for […]
nine pound hairball Nine Pound Hairball Found in Teenager’s Stomach - Just a quick one for today. Apparently, eating your own hair (plus hair you find on the carpet) isn’t good for your digestive system. Unless you’re a cat. But if you’re an 18-year-old teenage girl in Kyrgystan, and you get stomach pains and can’t eat or even drink. It might be because the nine-pound hairball […]
Welcome to the Memory Hole Memory Hole: Creepy Home Videos from ‘Murica - Every now and then, you come across something on the internet that makes you go: “What the hell were they smoking?” Which could mean that piece is either so bad it’s good, or so ‘out there’ it’s in outer space, or simply so inconceivable as to be brilliant. Memory Hole is all of the above.
Edible Roadkill Treats To Turn Your Stomach - Originally posted on Emma Thomas (Miss Cakehead):
Delighted to be able to share a preview of  a small campaign for American Horror: Freak Show we have just completed for Fox. I may be biased but could not be happier with an edible hamper destined to sum up the freak circus vibe of this new show,…
Hotshots 2015 calendar The Babe Calendar that Got the Utah National Guard in Trouble - Look, if our National Guard can’t play host to a bevy of buxom babes for a risque swimsuit calendar called Hot Shots 2015, then what the hell are we paying taxes for?
Nine Inch Nails NIN’s Ghosts I-IV: Haunted Music with No Parameters - Here’s a throwback to 2008. Nine Inch Nails released an album under a Creative Commons license, originally intending it to be a short EP but ending up with 36 unplanned instrumental tracks. They entitled the collection Ghosts I-IV and gave it away. For free.
Eraserhead scene Lynch’s Legacy: Making the Mundane Sinister with Audio - I love creepy sound design in crazy movies. And no one does it quite like David Lynch. While it’s debatable whether he originated the technique, it’s probably safe to say that Lynch popularized the process of “darkening the mundane” through audio. Let me explain how.
tentacle cartoons Tentacular Love is the Trespasser’s Nightmare - Originally posted on Not Your Role Model:
I am not dead and neither is this blog. It’s crunch time here at work and I only have time for a hurried post before I trudge back to the boring paper work I have piled on my desk. So for Weird Wednesdays, I give you this music…
cakeageddon Zombiepocalypse? I’d Rather Have Cakeageddon - It’s unbelievable what bakers can do with cakes nowadays. Consider this: a London-based creative director named Emma Thomas — better known as Miss Cakehead — is creating an edible horror farm this year in time for Halloween.
The Internet of Things is the New Feudalism - I recently discovered Bruce Sterling’s 30-page essay called The Epic Struggle of the Internet of Things, (download on which outlines how the current paradigm of Big Data mining is turning all of us so-called “customers” into feudal slaves.
CCTV cameras Privacy is Over, Surveillance is the New Reality - If you didn’t know it already, you are being surveilled. By the government, by your social networks, by your cellphone carrier, by your bank, by every cookie-enabled website you visit, by CCTV camera. Forget privacy. It doesn’t exist.
Black MIDI sample Black MIDI is Millions of Notes of Delicious Overkill - If the point is to make as many notes fit into a piano roll as possible, then these self-proclaimed “blackers” — these practitioners of a niche branch of musical composition called Black MIDI — win the interwebs.

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