On Topless Coffin Models & Horror Porn (NSFW Bizarre Bits)

With the new year just a month or so away, it may be high time to start shopping for a new calendar, or a new coffin, or some horror porn, or perhaps simply a new career as a grindcore vocalist? Whatever floats your boat. My collection of weird bizarre bits for the week are here.

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The Real Horror is Other People (Bizarre Bits)

It’s Halloween weekend. Forget horror movies though. If you really want to be scared, then all you have to do is look away from your mirror and your Instagram selfies and look at the people around you. Because as the great philosopher Sartre said, hell is other people.

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The Infomercial That’s Basically a David Lynch Nightmare

What this is — supposedly— is a video called “Unedited Footage of a Bear,” which starts out as an innocent nature documentary but is quickly interrupted by an informercial for an allergy medicine called Claridryl. And the infomercial never ends… It shows the darker side effects of the drug and just wallops you on the head with the gruesome possibilities, the inner voices that never stop.

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The Horror of Every ’90s TV Ad Mashed Into One

I found this link to a supposed parody / mashup of every 1990s TV ad aimed at children and families. True enough, it’s got the cheesy dialogue, the neon-colored wardrobes, the crappy lighting, the over-emphasized sound effects, even the cliched mother giving that all-knowing smirk that’s ’90s code for “Aww, those darn kids.”

But it also very quickly turns into … something else. You’ll have to watch it to see.

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