Flying Lotus Loves Twisted Animated Music Videos

Musician Flying Lotus has made a career for himself crafting music that others may deem so far off the beaten path it’s practically wilderness. It makes sense then that his music videos tread that same razor’s edge between visually entertaining and flat-out, batshit crazy.

I present you with two examples of his music video craziness.

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The Horror of Every ’90s TV Ad Mashed Into One

I found this link to a supposed parody / mashup of every 1990s TV ad aimed at children and families. True enough, it’s got the cheesy dialogue, the neon-colored wardrobes, the crappy lighting, the over-emphasized sound effects, even the cliched mother giving that all-knowing smirk that’s ’90s code for “Aww, those darn kids.”

But it also very quickly turns into … something else. You’ll have to watch it to see.

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How Bouncing Boobs and a Japanese Doll Sent Me on a Wild Goose Chase

It all started quite “innocently.” Found a link to what was supposedly a weird Japanese “bikini game show” where six buxom Japanese babes in bikinis (Gravure idols, all of them) find a cute little Daruma doll and end up playing a game of red light/green light. They sashay and bounce around, showing off their fine assets, until, the game becomes strangely sinister. Watch the video because otherwise you’ll never believe what happens next.

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