On Topless Coffin Models & Horror Porn (NSFW Bizarre Bits)

With the new year just a month or so away, it may be high time to start shopping for a new calendar, or a new coffin, or some horror porn, or perhaps simply a new career as a grindcore vocalist? Whatever floats your boat. My collection of weird bizarre bits for the week are here.

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The Horror of Every ’90s TV Ad Mashed Into One

I found this link to a supposed parody / mashup of every 1990s TV ad aimed at children and families. True enough, it’s got the cheesy dialogue, the neon-colored wardrobes, the crappy lighting, the over-emphasized sound effects, even the cliched mother giving that all-knowing smirk that’s ’90s code for “Aww, those darn kids.”

But it also very quickly turns into … something else. You’ll have to watch it to see.

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