Thy Veils’ Dreamy Electro World Live Concert

Originally posted on AudioStylites:
Artist: Thy Veils Album: Live in Elisabetin Recorded live on September 28, 2014 at the Elisabetin Roman-Catholic Church in Piata Balcescu, Timisoara, Romania, this is an hour-long performance of lush and relaxing ambient / electronic / world music. It reminds me very pleasantly of Dead Can Dance what with their heavily…

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Flying Lotus Loves Twisted Animated Music Videos

Musician Flying Lotus has made a career for himself crafting music that others may deem so far off the beaten path it’s practically wilderness. It makes sense then that his music videos tread that same razor’s edge between visually entertaining and flat-out, batshit crazy.

I present you with two examples of his music video craziness.

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